Featured: Nichelle Nichols Tributes

Tribute by Drew Maxwell

Live long among the stars and prosper in the vast universe. All creatures of the planet earth are but a flash of light- but what a gift.

-Drew Maxwell, human, planet earth, 2022

Tribute by Lisa Ayala

Can't think of a better place for your ashes to rest-in space. Thank you for paving the road for the spacegirls.

Tribute by Thomas Wuestefeld

You are and will be a Great Inspiration for a peaceful Society of the Future where we all are human beings. No hate, no violence. Thank you so very much. We love you!

Tribute by Uma Krishnaswami

Boldly go, Nichelle. I first saw Star Trek reruns in the 1980s. You made this brown-skinned new arrival in America feel that there might be a place for her.

Tribute by Pamela Jarrell

It was because of this show and these people that I learned in my life I could be what I want and most importantly who I want in my lifetime. Fly high and be proud of what you have created and started love to all and now go fly among the Stars.

Tribute by Richard McCoy

I've always thought Nicelle was an inspiration and now she's going where no one has gone before. Good luck and god speed.

Tribute by Linda Torres

My heart is broken over 💔 your sudden passing. You are such an inspiration to me, and I will never forget you. Such a beautiful and classy lady who has earned her angel's wings. Fly high Lt. Uhura, you have found your place among the stars🌟, forever you will shine brightly. God bless you.

Tribute by Andy Van de Walle

I had the honour of meeting you back in 2014 in London. I sat down on my knees while you were signing my photo and I complemented you for still being the most beautiful woman of Star Trek. You smiled and I was almost in tears for meeting you for the first time. Thank you for everything you did and gave to us. May God bless you.

Tribute by Susan Ray

Nichelle, thank you for the awesome, inspiring legacy you have left behind. You shall not be forgotten.❤️

Tribute by Hugo Avila

Nichelle, may you rest among the stars. Thank you for the inspiration that you gave us over the years and for letting our imaginations soar.

Tribute by Joan Kohnke

Thank you for your inspiration–your literal star power–in bringing diversity to Start Trek, to science fiction media, to NASA and into all our lives. May your journey back to the stars from whence we all came be one more way you blaze a trail for all to admire. Much respect to you, Ms. Nichols. Rise in Glory!

Tribute by Juliet Roper

Nichelle, thank you for all the many, many times I was able to spend watching you on my favorite show of all time. The original STAR TREK! You were, still are, and forever will be, the best!!!

Tribute by Amy Kelly

Boldly go, Ms. Nichols, and know you take our love and appreciation with you. Thank you for being a role model to so many girls.

Tribute by Alysia Durlak

My dear Nichelle, you have been an inspiring part of my life. Whenever I look at the stars I shall think of you. Always remember, "Second star to the right and straight on til morning"
I wish you love, light, and luck on your fantastic journey! Don't forget us!
Much love –

Tribute by D Biernesser

When I met you at Dragoncon years ago, I cried. You-and Star Trek-meant so much to me.
You, James, Gene, and Majel carry my tears and hopes with you. May the promises of this song come true…
"I'll be back, though it takes forever.
Forever is just a day.
Forever is just another journey.
Tomorrow a stop along the way.
Then let the years go fading,
Where my heart is, where my heart is,
Where my love eternally is waiting
Somewhere, beyond the stars…
Beyond Antares."
(Lyrics by Gene L Coon)

Tribute by Persis Bristol

I watched TOS with my Dad every night as reruns in NYC. It was our special time. To see a black woman was not that big a deal in the 1980's but as I studied the history of how the show came to being I was inspired. The groundbreaking and ceiling busting work of Roddenberry is what has allowed this country to survive. The stain of slavery and Jim Crow still exists in this country, but with history such as this we can move closer to a true humanity among the stars. Thank you Nichelle.

Tribute by Peter Schwarz

Nichelle, Gene, Majel and James. Thanks you so much for the stories, inspiration and dreams you have provided to all of us. Sincerely, Peter Schwarz

“Things are only impossible until they are not.” — Jean-Luc Picard

Tribute by Elizabeth Vandervelden

Nichelle… You were an amazing human being and an inspiration to people everywhere. You brought women into the world of Sci-Fi as both a hero and a badass female and crew member. Star Trek is amazing and timeless and you were part of making that happen.

Tribute by Ali Farahani

Dear Nichelle,
As the communication officer you used to listen to all frequencies traveling through the universe, known and unknown to human ears – now you’re becoming, once more, one with the universe. Someday, perhaps soon, there will be another Uhura who might listen to you, oh sweet dear Nichelle.
Enjoy your journey to the stars, your true birthplace.
Truly yours – Ali Farahani

Tribute by Stephen Wilson

I didn't realize how much her social presence in the series was when, as a kid, watching TOS in the 60s. My memories of her, and the other women in their roles in the franchise, took advantage of that 50% of our population who is, by too many cultures, demoted to nothing more than a housekeeper or breeding machine.

Tribute by Bob Vergis

Nichelle, I thought you were amazing as Uhura, and when my cousin and sister played "Star Trek" in my parents' cellar, my sister would always play you.

Tribute by Jeffrey Stanislawski

You're an inspiration to all of us and will continue to be so for generations to come. I'm so grateful that someone like yourself continued to be proactive even after your fame, and supported causes you were passionate about. I had the pleasure of meeting you nearly a decade ago, and the things you said to me are still held close to my heart. Thanks Nichelle, for everything you have done for us all.

Tribute by Mike Brennan

I can't tell you how much you and the other original characters in StarTrek inspired me to become a technology reporter. I even got to cover the first launch of the Space Shuttle in 1981. May your memory live long and promulgate other science junkies.

Tribute by Kenneth Vitrone

Thank you for the memories you have left for millions of Star Trek fans. You were an inspiration for women of color and a hero. You will always be remembered as a wonderful actress and warm and caring human being. The heavens await you on your voyage.

Tribute by Vickie Noles

You now belong to the ages. As you sit on the right hand of the father just know how much you enhanced mankind. Rest well my sister, thou good and faithful servant…!!!

Tribute by Melanie Sin

Bless you for all you have done, and for all the love and inspiration you spread. You are deeply missed.

Tribute by Frank Douse

Godspeed Nichelle! Thank you for the great memories and for the inspiration to myself and so many people around the world. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Tribute by Scout Howell

Your intelligence and training spoke volumes: the never-ending skies were ours to navigate. Thank you –

Tribute by Maria Mahan

To Boldly Go………. You are still a trailblazer. Still an inspiration and still amazing all your fans. Now you really are heading to the stars….. RIP…

Tribute by Anne L.

What’s an honor to such a special person
Baby boomers grew up watching Star Trek creating lasting memories.
Eternity, peace is what I wish for you. Not only where no man has gone but may the force be with you too.

Tribute by Richard Loft

As Lt. Shura once said, "In our century we've learned not to fear words." Thank you for not only portraying, but being a role model for young women of color.

Tribute by Barry Crittenden Freeman

Thank you, Nichelle. For the Thursday & Friday nights of seeing that, yes, we will be a part of the future and we will survive. Thank you for your shining star..

Tribute by Almarie Dezovado-Kelley

I remember when I first saw you on
STAR TREK you looked like me. It made me dream. As a child from the Caribbean diaspora I wanted badly to be you. I recited all your lines and still do in my 60 first year on biosphere Earth. Thank you for showing the way. FLY FREE

Tribute by Meghan Waters

Lt. Uhura, your life changed mine and so many others. You paid the cost of a trail-blazing life and we will never forget you. Rest in the stars with God.

Tribute by Mario Fenech

Thanks Nichelle for creating such a memorable character as Uhura. Gene Roddenberry produced a work of fiction that resonates with millions of people around the world. Your character Nichelle is one of the reasons Star Trek transcended the medium and influenced the real world in so many ways. We thank you for all you have achieved here on Earth and our love goes with you the journey continues into the star filled heavens.

Tribute by Rachel Tillman

Nichelle was a childhood hero. Paving the way for millions including myself to believe in ourselves AND something bigger. She showed us that when we make decisions that are brave we can change the world (and I think that includes the universe). Thank you Nichelle for your lifelong commitment to humankind and for making me a little bit more brave.

Tribute by Lane Waddell

I never met Nichelle, but like many of her fans I feel like I knew her. She has been a part of my life since as long as I can remember and will be greatly missed. There is not a more suiting thing.

Tribute by Vernon Mukes

I loved your storyline from the start and your physical self.
You will always be remembered as a trailblazer
Now out in space You will go where no one has gone before.

Tribute by Chris Robinson

It has been an honor and privilage to grow up watching the original Star Trek and all of the different characters including Nichelle. You have lived long and prospered and may you boldly go where no one has gone before.

Tribute by Lori McKenzie

Thanks for helping make StR Trek as magnificent and memorable as it was!
Thank you💕💕

Tribute by Don Norris

"It is the destiny of all things in the universe to seek absolute tranquility, returning to the beginning, as one… "

Tribute by Alan McDaniel

Nichelle changed my life. A midwesterner growing up in a very segregated city I had no real exposure to minorities (one Black guy out of 2,400 high school). In my first semester at a small college everIy week Ithe whole men’s dorm to watch the basement tv for Star Trek. I was transfigured by the composed, professional bridge communication officer serving with such a mix of crew. Things changed for me. after that school year. I went on to teach at a very large urban school. She was a catalyst.

Tribute by Dana Kimbell

Thank you for being a trailblazer! Your role in Star Trek inspired many young women to pursue STEM careers and be more than many thought they could be at that time! How fitting that you will now be among the stars for eternity!

Tribute by Samantha Wynn

To the great Nichelle Nichols, it’s an honor to write you a tribute of how you was an amazing actress on Star Trek. I grew up watching the show to be the first black woman to lay down the foundation on tv I am honored to know that my words of comfort will travel with you to space you are truly a Star Trek legend. Thank you for your entertainment here on earth may you continue to sleep well in the universe.

Enjoy your new resting place,
Samantha Wynn

Tribute by Patricia McMath

Nichelle, you changed the lives of little girls everywhere. Your confidence, courage, and ability to hold your own in a room full of men inspired me to be the science geek I am. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a trailblazer and listening to MLK. Girls of all colours realized "WE COULD" because of your example. You inspired me to become a feminist, and I have longed for a world of equality, such as I saw on ST. We are proud of you, Nichelle. Rest peacefully now. We love you.

Tribute by Johnny Rodriguez

I thank you for breaking the barriers and accomplishing more than most ever will! You are and always will be, an inspiration for all of us! Live long and prosper!

Tribute by Emily Hogarth

I met you in 2017, and you were incredibly lovely and patient with all us overwhelmed fans. You are a true hero and inspiration to so many. I hope you rest easy amongst the stars.

Tribute by George Hallam

Thank you Nichelle …. you made everything F.A.B. From George a Star Trek & Gerry Anderson fan Glasgow, Scotland

Tribute by Sandra Brown

So many nice tributes to an incredible Black women who started an unfathomable career in a segregated America. I started watching the Original Star Trek reruns in the 1970s and fell in love with this larger than life character Lt. Uhura.. l have a handmade suit from a neighbor that has long past. I attended many cons and my favorite was in Las Vegas in 2019 when I get a pic with her. I would love send it to you. She represented many possibilities for women of color .Rest in space Nichelle.

Tribute by Nathan Briguglio

You inspired me with your grace, dignity, and intelligence, going boldly where no one has gone before. You broke ground as one of the first black women to star in a major TV series, and helped instill in black and brown folks everywhere a love of space and science. Now, may your spirit dwell always amongst the stars.

Tribute by April Gallardo

I grew up my whole life watching her character. I am a trekky. I always remembered her character on the shows and movies. She was a enigmatic persona. I think she added so much depth of caring to the crew, a mysterious flavor as well. I also think on the inside she was very beautiful as it showed on the outside so eloquent. She was such a huge pioneer for black women's rights to excell. I dont think I thought of that at age 5 tho when I first started watching the enterprise. Go boldly!

Tribute by Alan McDaniel

You opened a world to me. Growing up in a segregated Northern city, my exposure to any minority was nonexistent. And in 1966 you came into my life as a cast member of StarTrek. Weekly I joined dozens of my college men’s dorm to catch every episode. Your roll as a bridge officer, your presence in that multi-cultural cast changed me more than that first year of college. You changed my life. In suce a significant way. I went on to teach in a minority high school. Do to you.

Tribute by Lottie H Stanley

Thank you for all your years of inspiration, and the love you shared with your fans.
You have always been a true lady in every way, and in everything you have done.
You truly have gone where many have only dreamed of going. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.
See you around space. I will be looking for you! 🙂

Tribute by Walter Mays

I want to thank you for inspiring not only me but to everyone that you have inspired for forfulling their dreams and goals I just wish I could have been able to meet you and the other cast members i watch star trek faithfully i admit when I first saw you you had my undivided attention you are definitely a pioneer and a trailblazer thank you so much Nichelle Nicholas godspeed I will miss you always and forever Hailing Frequencies Closed

Tribute by Michelle Brown

thank you thank you thank you. for being the epitome of grace and style. for being a beacon of possibility and for being a true star long before being launched to rest among them. i joyfully hold you and the imprint of your legacy in my heart. -a space obsessed black girl who had the privilege of growing up watching you.

Tribute by Audrey Wong

Along with Veger, you will traverse the Universe for your life is eternal. Bon Voyage, Captain Uhuru.💖

Tribute by Joshua Fecher

I’m so happy to read about you but so sad I was not aware of your amazing work until now. God Bless and watch over us sister. Much Love.

Tribute by John Koetsier

Thank you for all the memories and the wonderful Star Trek episodes that you played such a key role in. Blessings on your journey!

Tribute by Laurali Hudgins

Thank you so much for boldly going there! You are an inspiration, and you’ll always be my favorite Star Trek character!

Tribute by Anthony D’Ambrosio

I met Nichelle in the mid ‘90s when I was a pre-board screener at Burbank Airport. She kept setting off the metal detector because of all her jewelry. To avoid the hassle I said to her: “Why didn’t you just beam up and take the Enterprise.” Her response: “Where’s Scotty when you need him.” Cool lady. Live long and prosper in heaven.

Tribute by Patricia Belke-Becker

I can't even begin to explain how inspiring Nichelle was to me growing up in the 60s and 70s. She was an amazing actor and humanitarian. I love that she followed through on the advice given her by Martian Luther King to continue with Star Trek tos. She embodied womanhood in the fullest of meaning both denotative and connotative. She did all this and maintained a strong faith in Heavenly Father. She will always and forever be a part of me by helping me forge my own path of womanhood. Thank you.

Tribute by Robert Williams

Nichelle Thanks for doing a great job in your role. Seems that the women on Star Trek had to play straight roles without the camp some others had. Hardest working person on the bridge.

Tribute by Ajuan Mance

Thank you for your inspiration, vision, and dignity. As a Black woman, your presence as part of the Star Trek crew helped me feel that I too had the right to imagine a wonderous future of infinite possibility. With love and gratitude, as you embark on the next great adventure,

Ajuan Mance

Tribute by Jack Gillin

Lovely to have met you at the 50th in LV. Thanks for art directing this video of us: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0d99ozKwHcv33emAqekeHDVLw

Tribute by James Miller

You have inspired millions to look toward the stars and hope for a better future . God bless you and watch over you on your journey to a place no other has gone before.

Tribute by Mark Thomas

To boldly go, where no one has truly gone before. May your light shine forever in the Heavens. We will be watching you… Bon Voyage, and thank you for taking us on your journey as well. With Gene, Majel and James, you are travelling with honored companions.

Tribute by Jeff Mouton

I am inspired that someone of my color broke through in the 60’s and paved the way for other black actors.

Tribute by Karen R

I had the honor of being Nichelle's escort for the weekend at a small SF convention 30 years ago. She was so friendly and gracious with everyone, and she took some personal time to make me feel special & appreciated for volunteering. At the time SF fandom was still only for nerds, & actors weren't well known for taking on social causes, but Nichelle demonstrated how much representation can matter, & the influence SF can have to improve our entire community. I will miss what she brought to us.

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