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Watch the launch live here as the hopes and dreams of so many soar into deep space on this historic flight. Join others from around the world as we join our friends and family in making their final destination.

DNA & Memorial Participants on Board

Million Miles (297 mil km) Traveling into Deep Space

MindFiles Participants on Board

Humanity’s First Outpost in Deep Space

United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) brand new Vulcan Centaur Cert-1 launch vehicle will fulfill, at long last, Celestis’ deep space mission profile. The Enterprise Flight will establish Enterprise Station, a historic first outpost representing
humanity in deep space.

Once its stable solar orbit has been established, the Enterprise Flight will be renamed Enterprise Station and will be the first imprint of humanity – with its DNA, data, and memorial flights – to go beyond the Earth-Moon system, becoming part of the deeper cosmos. Moreover, it will serve as a beacon to “others” – a representation of Earth, its customs, and its culture to possible other lifeforms that may exist in our galaxy.

An Unprecedented Mission of Firsts

Here’s a look at Celestis’ Tranquility and Enterprise Flights by the numbers:

  • The first flight of the Vulcan launch vehicle;
  • The first commercial lunar lander (Astrobotic Peregrine);
  • The first U.S. lunar landing since 1972’s Apollo 17; and
  • The first-ever outpost of humanity in deep space.

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The Celestis DNA™ service includes – at no extra cost – a DNA Memorial Home Banking Solution kit. In addition, the DNA Memorial will provide a second DNA sample, permitting long-term DNA storage at
home and off-planet!


Launch a solo occupancy flight capsule containing the ashes of a loved one to space, or opt for the double occupancy Gemini capsule to fly with your loved one aboard the Enterprise Flight. Destination: Deep Space. Select this option for yourself or a loved one, regardless of choice for final disposition.

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights Catalog

Request a free Celestis catalog with valuable information about how you can launch DNA or ashes into deep space. Join an upcoming missing for an unforgettable experience.

About Celestis

Celestis is the only company to have successfully conducted 20 Memorial Spaceflight missions with more scheduled and the only company to be selected by NASA to honor one of its scientists. For nearly three decades, Celestis has been an iconic pioneer and global leader of the commercial space age.

A Look Back on Our Missions

Starseeker flight
Heritage Flight
Tribute Flight
New Frontier Flight

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