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Celestis MindFile™

Engraving Your Name, Message, and Photos for 10,000 Years

The Celestis MindFile™ will be sent on the upcoming Enterprise Flight and can archive over 81,000 pages of eye-readable text or pictures on a one-inch nickel disc 10,000 times faster than current focused ion beam technology for a duration of over 10,000 years!

Readable to the human-eye, the content is laser-etched to one billionth of a meter onto a nickel surface, making your engraving virtually disaster-proof, and withstand temperatures up to 2,651 degrees F.

What message or photo will you add to the Celestis MindFile™ heading into deep space?

A portion of the proceeds as part of Celestis’ multi-year commitment will go to the Nichelle Nichols Foundation for diversity and non-included populations in STEM.

A Legacy of Trust

For nearly three decades, Celestis has honored the lives of loved ones from more than 35 nations. People from every background and leaders in science,  exploration, the aerospace industry, NASA, entertainment & film, education, and military service have placed their trust in Celestis to fulfill their goal of spaceflight. In return, Celestis provides unparalleled customer service with respect, care, and commitment. We are honored to share with you their stories.

Nichelle Nichols

Broadway actor, singer, and dancer, known for her role as Lt. Uhura in the television and film series Star Trek®

James "Scotty" Doohan

Canadian actor, known for his role as Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott (”Scotty”) in the television and film series Star Trek®

Astronaut L. Gordon Cooper, Jr. (Col., USAF)

Aerospace engineer, test pilot, United States Air Force pilot, and as one of the seven original astronauts in Project Mercury orbited the Earth aboard Faith 7

Gene & Majel Barrett Roddenberry

Screenwriter, actress, and producer of Star Trek® TV series

Douglas H. Trumbull

Legendary VFX Pioneer, Filmmaker & Director, Artist, Inventor, Storyteller, Teacher, Mentor

Phil Chapman

Mission Scientist for Apollo 14, one of six missions that landed humans on the Moon

About Celestis

Celestis is the only company to have successfully conducted 18 Memorial Spaceflight missions, and the only company to be selected by NASA to honor one of its scientists. For nearly three decades, Celestis has been an iconic pioneer and global leader of the commercial space age.

A Look Back on Our Missions

Starseeker flight
Heritage Flight
Tribute Flight
New Frontier Flight

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