Choose Your Enterprise Flight Path

The first Celestis Voyager Memorial Spaceflight – the Enterprise Flight – will launch from Earth and travel 400 million kilometers beyond the Earth-Moon system into deep space. This will be an amazing trip that very few people will get the ability to experience.

How will you join the mission? 

Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek® to join “Scotty” Doohan & the Roddenberrys on the upcoming Celestis® Memorial Spaceflight – The Enterprise Flight. Launching Later in 2023.

Join the Celestis MindFile™

The Celestis MindFile™ will be sent on the upcoming Enterprise Flight and can archive over 81,000 pages of eye-readable text or pictures on a one-inch nickel disc lasting for the next 300 generations! Join the archive with your name, personal message, or photo.

Send DNA to Space

The Celestis DNA™ service includes – at no extra cost – a DNA Memorial Home Banking Solution kit. In addition, the DNA Memorial will provide a second DNA sample permitting long-term DNA storage at home and off-planet!

Send Ashes to Space

Launch a solo occupancy flight capsule containing the ashes of a loved one to space or opt for the double occupancy Gemini capsule to fly with your loved one aboard the Enterprise Flight. Destination: Deep Space. Select this option for yourself or a loved one, regardless of choice for final disposition.

“For anyone who is forward-thinking or really embraces the future that my father envisioned in Star Trek it really seems like a unique and cool opportunity to put yourself up there…

Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, son of Majel Barrett and Gene Roddenberry

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